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Groundbreaking Answer to Repair Decaying Infrastructure

Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, like many jurisdictions around the country, needs billions of dollars to repair decaying infrastructure. Of urgent concern are structurally endangered pilings – the columns that hold up highways, bridges, piers, pipes, even buildings. One contractor in Houma had to repair a vulnerable water pumping station. He turned […]

ACI Expands Knowledge Resources Through New Member Benefits

To provide additional knowledge resources to members, ACI expands knowledge resources with new member benefits beginning January 1, 2021. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) members now have free access to all ACI University live webinars. Additionally, they have free access to 260+ on-demand courses, and also unlimited access to the […]

Mushroom Head Anchor Now Available from Confast

“The Confast Mushroom Head Anchor, a one-piece pre-expanded anchor for use in concrete, brick, block or stone, has now joined our online product inventory,” stated Bob Carlisle, the founder and president of Concrete Fasteners, Incorporated. “Customers may purchase this popular expansion anchor direct from the manufacturer and avoid inflated retail […]

Covestro Offers Continuing Education on High-Performance Protective Coatings

In conjunction with Hanley Wood, Covestro announces the launch of a free continuing education opportunity. The course, titled “Exploring High-Performance Protective Coatings for Steel in Architectural Applications,” is available now. Continuing education by Covestro is a hallmark of the company and gives participants the chance to learn from an industry […]

Minnesota Concrete Coating Contractor Celebrates 100 Years of Family Experience in Concrete Applications

For founder and local Twin Cities resident, Matthew Hage, concrete isn’t just business, it’s a skill and craft his family has honed over generations. Today, Hage is the proud owner of “The Concrete Guy”, a leading custom concrete floor and concrete repair business serving the greater Twin City community. It’s […]

Asite Becomes a Member of Construction Industry Institute at the University of Texas

Asite joins the Construction Industry Institute (CII) based out of the University of Texas in Austin. The CII is a consortium consisting of over 140 leading owner, engineering-contractor and supplier firms. These firms are from both the public and private sectors. They come together to enhance the business effectiveness and […]

Aquajet Extension Kit Brings Additional Versatility to Hydrodemolition

Aquajet, a global leader in Hydrodemolition robot manufacturing, offers its new Extension Kit system. This system is for improved reach and versatility in a variety of concrete removal and surface preparation applications. These applications range from bridge deck, berth and pier work to dams, tunnels and wastewater plants. The kit […]

Euclid Chemical Launches New Solvent-Free Epoxy Coatings for Concrete Moisture Control and Protection

The Euclid Chemical Company, a leading manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry, launches new solvent-free epoxy coatings. These products are an addition to the company’s line of epoxy-based products. The new Dural Aquatight 100 Plus and Dural 50 LM FS are a response to the needs […]